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Lake Clark National Park Alaska
Our goal is to help you experience Alaska at its best.

Some guests have found that the prebuilt packages do not always fit their schedule and budget.  Because we specialize in setting up custom packages and pricing, we can help you build the package that fits your desires.

If you are traveling on a budget, you can indicate on the Budget Information Request page the amount you have budgeted for your visit to Lake Clark.  Please also fill in exact dates, number of people in your party, and indicate ages of any children that may be traveling with you.  With this information we can provide you with the best custom pricing and peak activities that fall within your budget.

When requesting budget info, please indicate how many children are in your party as well as their ages. This will allow us to give you the best custom pricing as well as design the appropriate package.

It is our pleasure to offer our assistance in planning your vacation to our part of Alaska.

Glen and Lelya Alsworth, Jr
Managers/The Farm Lodge.